2018 June

15 June 2018
Krista Towell

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Bosley Real Estate Market Insight November 10th, 2017

20 November 2017
Krista Towell

Last week the freehold market saw 222 new listings in the central core hit the market up 35% from the week before with the east end doubling their new listings from 38 to 77. Sales were brisk for all parts of the city out pacing the week before with the west end up 65 percent. We are still experiencing multiple offers and 45 percent of all sales are selling over the asking price.

Bosley Real Estate Market Insight October 27th, 2017

06 November 2017
Krista Towell

For The City Of Toronto the average price for a detached home is $1,287,765 slightly down by 1.1%. The average price for a semi-detached is up by 5.2% to $948,309. The strongest growth was seen in townhomes averaging at $742,845 up by 8%, but the condo apartment has seen an insane price growth of 21% averaging at $555,004.


30 October 2017
Krista Towell

The freehold market saw a 15 per cent increase for new listings in all sectors with the east end leading the pack, up over 20 per cent in new listings and 75 percent of the sales in the east sold over asking with plenty of bully offers as well. The central core saw a small increase in new listings but a whopping 50 per cent more sold over the prior week. Bidding wars are up 40 per cent throughout all neighbourhoods.

Bosley Real Estate Market Insight October 13th

23 October 2017
Krista Towell

The freehold market continues to follow the long weekend pattern. After taking a breather for Thanksgiving we note that as expected the listings are up with people coming to market after waiting out the long weekend. And as we saw the regular decline of listings before the long weekend we are never surprised that sales are down the week after the holiday break. Listings increased 25% over the previous week though it was interesting to note a slight decrease in listings in the west end compared to a huge increase of 82% in the east end. What we do note with some concern is that the number of listings that sold above their asking price has declined again to 26% from the peak of nearly 50% only four short weeks ago.

Bosley Real Estate Market Insight September 31st, 2017

10 October 2017
Krista Towell

In the condo market there was a modest decline in new listings as we head into the Thanksgiving long weekend with listings down 12% to 276 from 314 the previous week. Buyers can be thankful, though Sellers are definitely not, that the percentage of condos selling above their listed price continues to decline. This week only (yes, only) 27% of condos sold over their advertised price, down from above 40% in early-September.


29 September 2017
Krista Towell

This past week we in the industry seem to be of two minds. It seems all the Realtors are holding the same half full glass of water and we are debating the age old question of is the glass half full or is it really half empty. Some Realtors are trying to hold offer dates and others are trying to list where they think a property’s market value lies. Some are still thinking about the market softening after the April ‘peak’ and others are looking for a new peak this Fall. After watching the steady increase in freehold properties being sold above their listed price this last week we are definitely leaning towards the half glass full philosophy. One thing everyone does seem to agree on is that there is a bit of a lack of quality listings coming to the market.

Bosley Real Estate Market Insight September 15th, 2017

26 September 2017
Krista Towell

Ground Control to Major Tom, take your protein pills and put your helmet on. And just like that the Fall market has started. In case you have been away this summer it might be worth a quick recap on just where we are in the real estate world.


14 August 2017
Krista Towell

The freehold sector remained relatively unchanged from the previous week. Sales were steady but the amount of new listings has tapered off by 33 per cent. The $700k to $1.5m price range was the busiest sector and 43 per cent of the sales, sold over the asking price. The west end was the hot spot this week for buyers with more than half of the homes selling over asking.


09 August 2017
Krista Towell

Some agents believe to list with an asking price close to market value and accept offers anytime and some believe to list low and set a date for offers. The latter seems to be happening again. It’s too soon to tell if a flurry of sales signals a trend that some buyers simply need to move on with their lives.